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We began operating in 2009, as a specialist travel company organising birdwatching holidays in South Asia for individuals, groups and as a destination management company for numerous foreign bird tour operators. Long before this, we were arranging birding holidays in our home state, Goa, and have our roots at Backwoods Camp, founded here in 1998 as the first dedicated birding lodge in peninsular India. With over 20 years of field, tour, and hospitality experience we are uniquely placed to show you all that India has to offer, and to understand your travel needs and birding expectations.

India Nature is a company created by birders, for birders. Our personal interests in birding, wildlife, travel and photography are at the heart of everything we do, with a focus on high standards and quality of service. We attend personally to the planning and operating of all our tours using our own intimate knowledge of the places we promote, and with a degree of personal involvement that is second to none. 


We personally handle all enquiries and are available 24/7 to offer our advice so feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.​

'The truth of the matter is, the birds could very well live without us,

but many - perhaps all - of us would find life incomplete, indeed almost intolerable without the birds.'


- Roger Tory Peterson


Our tours are thoroughly researched, meticulously planned, and continually refined to ensure we have every opportunity to find the endemic and speciality species of every region we visit. We take great satisfaction from making sure you have a great time enjoying memorable wildlife adventures in India and take pride in the positive feedback of past participants and our high level of repeat custom and personal recommendations.

Any of the itineraries on this website (long and shorter tours, and day trips) can be run at any time for a group of any size. We also operate a selection of tours each year as small group tours - please visit our tour calendar to view forthcoming scheduled departure tour dates.  

If you are coming from Europe (or the USA, or anywhere else for that matter), you may prefer to book your tour through our own UK-based bird tour company, Bluetail Birding, which we formed in 2019. This will provide you with full financial protection according to UK and EU regulations ('The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations' and 'The Package Travel Directive' respectively), and ease of payment into a UK bank account. Alternatively, booking and payment may be made through Blue Sky Wildlife, a UK-based online market place for wildlife tours, with the same benefits.


Through Bluetail Birding we offer birding tours more widely across South Asia, to Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal (detailed and linked on this website), and many more destinations worldwide, so if you are tempted by a tour outside India or South Asia why not take a look at what we have to offer. 

For further details, answers to any questions you have, or to book a tour, please contact us via email, by phone (call, sms or WhatsApp) or send us a message via our Contact Us page. You can also follow us and our principal guides on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr for our latest news, images and birding updates, and please sign up to receive our occasional email newsletters.


We look forward to birding together in India and beyond... 

- Leio (Qupeleio) and Jen De Souza


  • Enjoyable, productive birding and wildlife (mammal/butterfly) tours across India

  • Finely-tuned tours with consistent bird and wildlife sightings

  • Carefully chosen lodging, good food

  • Experienced, knowledgeable and personable tour guides

  • Scheduled departure tours with low group size limits - max. 7 or 8 on all tours

  • Private/custom travel available

  • Professional, friendly service with 20+ years of experience

  • Personal involvement in all aspects of every tour​

  • Competitive, fair pricing

  • Booking options that offer financial security in accordance with UK/EU travel regulations

  • Bird tours to Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and many more destinations worldwide available through our own UK-based tour company, Bluetail Birding


Leio De Souza

Leio (Qupeleio) De Souza

Co-Founder & Principal Tour Guide

Born and raised in Goa, Leio has over 25 years experience as a professional bird guide. He co-founded peninsular India's first birding lodge, Backwoods Camp, in Goa in 1998 and now leads and organises bird tours in India and worldwide through both India Nature and our own UK-based company Bluetail Birding. Outside of our own organisations, Leio also leads tours as a freelance guide for other international bird tour operators, most notably to Papua New Guinea. His extensive knowledge of the birds of the Indian region, exceptional field skills and infectious enthusiasm for birding contribute greatly to the success of every tour.

Lakpa Tenzing Sherpa

Lakpa Tenzing Sherpa

Principal Tour Guide - Northeast India & Sikkim

Lakpa is from the remote village of Yuksom in the Himalayan state of Sikkim. He began his career as a trekking guide, taking international groups into Kanchendzonga National Park along the spectacular Goecha La trek, and it is here that he first developed his passion for birding. Extensive travel through the Eastern Himalayas and almost two decades of experience make him one of the foremost bird guides in northeast India. His considerable experience in leading tour groups of all sizes is evident in his professionalism as a guide. Lakpa is enthusiastic and dedicated, and ever ready to share insights into the rich culture of his region.

Vikram Shil

Vikram Shil

Principal Tour Guide - Andaman Islands

Vikram hails from the state of West Bengal, but from his early childhood has lived in the Andaman Islands where he discovered his passion for birding and natural history.  As one of very few birders in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Vikram has become the go-to expert here, and has a well-deserved reputation as a guide. Through his explorations of the island of South Andaman and the wider archipelago, he has unrivalled knowledge of regional endemics and where best to find them. He has been leading visiting birders to the islands for more than twenty years and is an enthusiastic and friendly on-tour companion.

Jennifer De Souza

Jennifer De Souza

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Originally from England, Jen grew up in a family where birding was a way of life, and pursued studies in Natural Sciences before moving to Goa in 2004. While living in India for 15 years, Jen travelled widely throughout the region developing an extensive knowledge of its birds, mammals and butterflies. Jen handles all day to day operations at India Nature as well as our UK-based company Bluetail Birding, and is likely to be the person you correspond with when you first get in touch with us. Jen and Leio never miss an opportunity to introduce their young son Jesse to birding, taking him along on their own birding adventures.

Ramesh Zarmekar

Ramesh Zarmekar

Principal Tour Guide - Goa

Ramesh is from the village of Surla, bordering Goa’s Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary where he developed his lifelong familiarity with South India’s forest species.  Ramesh is a friendly and knowledgeable guide with a decade's experience guiding birders in Goa and more widely across the Western Ghats of south India. Outside guiding, he is a co-founder of Nature’s Nest, a nature resort that you will no doubt enjoy staying at during your time in Goa. Ramesh is also a passionate reptile enthusiast who has rescued numerous snakes, including more than 10 King Cobras, and conducts environmental awareness programs for schools and villages.  

Sherab Dorji

Sherab Dorji

Principal Tour Guide - Bhutan

Sherab is from Paro in west Bhutan. Sherab was chosen by Bhutan’s Olympic committee to represent his country as an archer, competing in regional and international competitions. Once firmly back in Bhutan, explorations into remote areas ignited a passion for birds which led him to undertake extensive training with the acclaimed American ornithologist, Tom Stephenson, and he is now among the best bird guides in Bhutan. Sherab still lives in Paro with his wife and three children, and you may have the opportunity to be warmly welcomed into his home, a traditional Bhutanese farmhouse, during your time in Bhutan.

Lokesh Kumar

Lokesh Kumar

Principal Tour Guide - North & West India

Lokesh is from Malah, Rajasthan, close to the world-famous wetlands of Bharatpur. Immersed in birding from a young age, Lokesh followed in the footsteps of his father, renowned bird guide Ratan Singh, to become one of the most dedicated bird guides in northern India today. An excellent field birder with two decades of experience, Lokesh has an innate ability to find skulkers and scarcities, and is an enthusiastic and fun-loving on-tour companion. He still lives in Malah with his wife and three young children, where together with his father and brothers he runs the well-regarded homestay Ibis House which you may well visit on a tour of Bharatpur.

Sudeesh MS

Sudeesh MS

Principal Tour Guide - South India

Sudeesh is from Kerala, close to the superb lowland rainforests of Thattekad Bird Sanctuary where he first found his passion for birding and the determination to turn it into a career. A self-taught birder, Sudeesh developed his skills during almost two decades’ leading bird tours across the Western Ghats and further afield. He has exceptional knowledge of south India’s forest species and an easy familiarity with their vocalisations, while his considerable experience in leading tour groups is evident in his proficiency as a guide. Sudeesh still lives in the bird-rich Thattekad area with his wife and children.


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